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Is Your Installation Safe ?
Our Testing and Inspection team offer a comprehensive inspection service
to cover periodic testing in all areas including, local authorities, residential
homes, letting agents and Industrial factories.
Our experience is supported by our membership of the NICEIC and ECA.
All premises are provided with fully listed test documentation and certification
following inspection, any remedial works can be carried out in tandem or at
a later agreed date.
What is Portable Appliance Testing ?
Portable appliance testing or (PAT) is a very important procedure which is
leagally required in order to comply with different regulations and increasingly
meet insurance requirements.
If you own a business that employs staff or a landlord that rents a property
with appliances in you must ensure that the electrical appliances are safe
to use, equally if you work for an employer they have a legal responsibility
to ensure the appliance you use is safe.
The only way to fully comply with the regulations is to emply a registered
company to carry out the inspection and test, we will send fully trained
professionals to carry out your PAT testing using the latest Hi-tech 
computerised equipment, we then issue full test results complete with
a detailed asset list.
Each item will have a label attached indicating whether the appliance has
Passed or Failed. 


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Copyright 2007 SB Elec Ltd All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2007 SB ELEC Ltd. All rights reserved